Graduate school / Law School

The Graduate School of Business Administration

To respond to the changes accompanying the globalization of business, the school trains specialists with a broad view of business and advanced management strategy know-how.

The economic situation and corporate management have been dynamically changed by the waves of computerization and internationalization. Foreign businessmen, especially those who have acquired an MBA are playing an active part, and technical knowledge at graduate school level is indispensable to operate in the market of securities, insurance, and financial systems.

Two or more types of guidance are focused on by the instructor, and the teaching organization in order to unite the master's thesis research with this view from the first year for every student's intended to the future research plan.

Graduate School of Law

The vast law field is studied systematically. Through this, talented people supporting the social frame are developed.

The law graduate course studies Japanese municipal law from various angles focusing on the so-called“メRoppou”of the constitution, Civil Code, criminal codes, commercial law, the Code of Civil Procedure, and the Criminal Procedural Code.

This theme is developed by two or more teachers who extend the view to related domains for the master's thesis creation from the first year.

The Law School

The Law School is a special educational facility for training judicial members (judges, public prosecutors, and lawyers), and was created from the new system which replaced the system of the conventional bar examination as part of judicial reform. In order to support the various elements of human society not only practical knowledge, but a sense of responsibility, or an ethical view, and a variety of elective courses besides basic law subjects must be prepared.